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Project NxG Mission and Vision

Project NxG carries a mission of making every child learn Robotics and Physics under the best mentors and experts. Our vision is to bring changes in the learning methodologies of schools by introducing Robotics Curriculum with a fun learning.

We believe in simplifying technology with innovative intelligence that can make the world a better place. An intelligence that can prepare the next generation for the onset of automation era where technologies like artificial intelligence and robots will have a huge impact.


Thus, we came up with a mission of providing complete Robotics Solutions to the school students. Our goal is to leverage robotics to push the boundaries of learning methodologies so that our upcoming generation can go beyond what we call ‘knowledge’ and learn to think and design innovative solutions for a better life and career.


We call ourselves the 'Change Bringers' as we aim to embark changes in terms of science for the students of the Government and Private schools. And we do this by introducing them to Robotics curriculum - basic and advanced.


To revolutionize the entire education methodologies with Robotics, We train students with a fun hands-on learning process. Also, we provide all the required equipment and books regarding the curriculum.


If you want to multiply the capacitance of students by offering them an extension of physics lab so that they can comprehend the real world better, do let us know!

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