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Robotics Program in Government Schools

We, at Project NxG, teach robotics to the students of the government run schools. Under this program we provide course content, training classes and electronic components and hardware to make the robots, without incurring any charge to students or school.

Our first batch of students has successfully completed the One year course in Robotics which included programming skills and designing robots from scratch using readily and locally available materials.

This built the base for microcontroller technology and the programming of it, which in turn enabled us to control motion by the use of several sensors which communicates with the microcontroller.

By the end of the program, the amount of positive feedback we received was tremendous! Students made interesting robots, which they showcased in tournaments and won most of them. Also student’s school teachers have reported how they have better interest and focus during regular science classes now.

The course started with elementary electronics theory leading to various electronic components that are in use in the field of robotics.

In next academic year we are going to expand it to more govt schools and to also continue with the students who have completed level 1 and are ready to move to level 2(sensors and automation).

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